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San Marino Psychiatric Associates (SMPA)
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The comprehensive mental health services at San Marino Psychiatric Associates are dedicated to providing care and treatment for individuals, families, and partners.

Adults, Children, Adolescents, and Older Adults
Our associates have specialized training in developmental issues that cover the life span from young childhood, through youth and adolescence, adulthood, and senior adulthood. Several staff have additional specialization training for children, adolescents, and older adults.

Life Transition and Challenge
Often transitions in life, even positive ones, act to energize a sense of knowns and unknowns. of gains and losses, and of changed life horizons. Mental health services can be useful to take perspective on these changes, and to help in achieving a new balance. At times such transitions may aggravate some of the conditions and disorders listed next, whose treatment may also help in making a successful life transition.

Conditions and Disorders
Our associates are trained to address the full range of mental health conditions described by the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH). These include conditions and disorders involving anxiety, panic, depression, mood disorders (bi-polar illness), obsessive-compulsive thought or behavior, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, other addictive behaviors, borderline personality, and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). We also recognize and treat ADHD / ADD (Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorders in adults and children. See Information & Resources for further information about these conditions and disorders.

Psychotherapy, medication, and rehabilitation- a full range of treatment modes are offered.
Psychotherapies include cognitive-behavioral models, interpersonal therapy, family-focused therapy, psychodynamic therapy, creative arts therapy and play therapy with children.

Medications involves the use of brand name and generic choices that are prescribed, monitored, and adjusted by psychiatrists to achieve desired treatment effects.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation, day treatment, medical detoxification treatments are offered in our system of care, including those services at Las Encinas Hospital, and the Two South program at Las Encinas Hospital.

Office visits, San Marino Psychiatric Associates.
24-hour and partial-day treatment available at Las Encinas Hospital, a world renowned hospital, with an outstanding program, Two South.

Insurance and Fees
San Marino Psychiatric Associates are contracted with many health insurance providers. We also offer a private-pay fee schedule. See Appointments / Front Desk for a listing of these insurance plans, or call our front desk at 626-403-8999 for further information about your plan.

Professional Staff

Warren Christianson, D.O.
Sheela Gade, M.D.
Frank Minero, M.D.
Rebecca Nijera, D.O.
Aura-Marie Pawley, M.D.
Timothy Pylko, M.D.
Daniel Suzuki, M.D.

Nurse Practitioner:
Carol Mc Cormick, NP